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barbara french says:    

Im wanting a very tiny teacup that weights around 2 pounds do you guarantee that they will be tiny please call me at 865 659 8710 or email me thank you

Peggy Bolen says:    

I'm interested in #3 I'm on a fix income.how much is she. I'm looking for one to snuggle with. I'm a breast cancer survivor. Could you help me out.

peggy Bolen says:    

How do I put a down on number#3 I'm trying to purchase her. Please call or text me. Thank you.

Brenda Garrett says:    

how much & where is the micro teacup chihuahua ?

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Comments on teacupchihuahuaphotos.org

Jean K Syrell says:    


I would like a micro teacup. Female. Young not puppy. Could you give me your prices? I really miss my Sophie. I am checking around for a good price i can afford. Thank you. Peace

alice lafromboise says:    


we are looking for a male that will stay 2.5lb shortbody,short legs and a short nose(puggly) any color. how much? do you ship? how much? and at that small do you have ananny fee? how much/ also do you finance? this baby boy will be my ouo, i will carry him every were with me. I am retired,and worke most of my life a the vets. have nutrl-cal on hand. am experenced with tiny babys, and am looking forwared to find my new little boy to carrying around with me thx alice

Lisa lynch says:    


#16 price please

Carol Hughes says:    


adorable. i need 2. Please contact me at 731-584-8903. thank you

Carol Hughes says:    


If you have any of theses puppies left please let me know and the prices. I am looking for 2. thank you They are precious.

Carol Hughes says:    


I love them and how much are they. How big will they grow ro?

Melissa Ballard says:    


I'm looking at buying tiny teacup chihuahua.Just read that you NEVER buy a puppy online. My little dream dog just disappears. I just lost my most beautiful baby girl, Jada. We went every where together. She was never a dog to me. She was my little girl. Today, I found new hope. The site is sounding and reading so, trusting. Please if any one knows about this online site www.allstarchihuahuas.com let me know. Thank You, Melissa



How much are they is give me a call at 469-720-8877



Looking for a puppy for my granddaughter

Cristal says:    


How much for #7

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